atesto 2018
I was brought on to film promotional pieces for a storytelling event in Vancouver, BC. This eventually led to me suggesting to do feature pieces on some of the artists to play as video packages to concisely introduce their story before they walked on stage.
During these location shoots, I worked with the directors and talents in natural light to create these artist highlight videos. I directed the behind the scenes portions of the films to help augment the message. I handled editing and post-production on these films, while working with the rest of the event team to prepare to document the event itself.
Feedback was positive for these introduction videos - it was a great way to help the artists themselves set their own context in a concise film, and people in the audience appreciated how it helped them get to know the artists better before they even walked on stage.
During the event, I was also tasked with filming highlights from the event, which I then edited and shared as well: