solimonster is a moniker I picked up from my friends. it makes me sound more edgier than I really am in real life.
I am Solomon, I am a video man, as well as a UX man. I started off in photography, which is something I am still very active in (my number-of-posts to number-of-followers ratio is far from the recommended one of 1 post for every 5 followers; who cares. I just like sharing photos.)
I do these things because I like to put things together in a visually tangible way. Tell a story, move some hearts, shed some tears. I also just like making fun and cool things for people to experience and perhaps share.
I am currently still a student at SFU studying in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology program. I also work part-time in a huuuuuuuuuuge corporation that deals in shipping and energy; it's called Teekay and you can find me in a very compact corner of the office with a sick view on the 19th floor.
Find me in some areas of the internet at some very small variant of @the_solimonster. Chat u l8r!